Book airline tickets online

1. Customer’s and Passenger’s rights and obligations.

1.1. Customer is responsible for the authenticity and correctness of the data provided. Name and surname of the Passenger indicated in the personal identification document (passport) must be the same as name and surname on the Ticket, otherwise the Ticket may be considered as not valid.

1.2. Customer is responsible for the other person, on whose behalf there was made the booking. Name and surname of the Passenger indicated in the personal identification document (passport) must be the same as name and surname on the Ticket, otherwise the Ticket may be considered as not valid.

1.3. When booking and until purchasing the Ticket, the Customer shall be responsible for being agreed with conditions of the Service provider. The responsibility of the Agency is limited, that is why Passenger must know the conditions of the transfer of each Service provider specified in the Travel ticket.

1.4. Customer is responsible for all financial transactions made from his name and account. Customer is financially responsible for any change in booking details (name, surname, destination or date).

1.5. Transfer costs to be paid by the Customer at the airport are included into financial responsibility of the Customer.

1.6. Customer is obliged to check the information provided in the Ticket and other travel documents. In case of found mistake, the Customer has to inform the Agency immediately. Under the terms of service the Agency shall inform the Customer whether required changes can be made and if it will cause any expenses.

1.7. Customer is obliged to make sure that the appropriate flight has not been booked beforehand by other agency, through the booking portal of the Service provider or other place. In case of two identical reservations, one or both of them can be automatically cancelled by the Service provider regardless of payment transferred by the Customer. If any of reservations is no longer needed by the Customer, please, contact the Agency and inform about it by e-mail or phone number (+371) 67 228 428.

1.8. Customer receives a booking number in case of successful reservation. The booking number is a personal information, it can be used for Customer or Passenger identification. Customer is responsible for confidentiality of this information or its transfer to third parties.

1.9. Customer is responsible for the correct contact information provided to the Agency and possibility to contact the Customer. (If the Agency receives information about changes in departure time, it has to inform the Customer and contact him using the provided contact information).

1.10. Passenger is responsible for his luggage safety. If the luggage was damaged during the trip, it is responsibility of the direct Service provider or Service provider for the certain flight.

1.11. Passenger is obliged to meet all legal requirements regarding entry and leaving the country. Passenger is responsible to get required documents and visa/transit visa. Passenger has to mind the validity of his passport.

1.12. Passenger can cancel the Ticket after payment, if it is permitted by the Rules concerning ticket sale stipulated by the Service provider.

2. Service provider’s responsibility and obligations.

2.1. Service provider determines, when there is the deadline for Ticket purchase and price guarantee. If the Ticket wasn’t paid on time, the Service provider has the right to cancel the booking.

2.2. Service provider is responsible for damage caused to Passenger or luggage, as well as for delayed or lost luggage.

2.3. Service provider is responsible for flight delays, cancellations or changes in timetable.

3. Agency’s rights and obligations.

3.1. Agency’s responsibility includes:
providing of reservation of air tickets within their availability. Changes and cancellations can be made by the Agency in accordance with conditions of the Service provider. Agency is not responsible for the provided service. Claims about the service quality must be submitted to the Service provider.

3.2. Agency cannot guarantee the price for the selected flight, but serves as an intermediary between the Customer and the Service provider.

3.3. Agency has to meet conditions of the Service provider.

3.4. Agency is not responsible for mistakes in ticket prices, technical problems, errors and data changes, put into the System, those are out of Agency’s control. For example, if the Service provider cannot find the certain ticket booked by the Agency in its information system in accordance with Customer’s data.

3.5. Agency is obliged to inform the Customer about changes in flight departure, when needed, by contacting the Customer via e-mail or phone number, provided during booking. Agency informs the Customer using the contact details submitted by the Service provider. Agency is not responsible if the Service provider has not informed the Agency about changes in flight departure, flight cancellations etc.
3.6. Agency is not responsible for damage, luggage delay, cancelled flights and others, such cases are the responsibility of the Service provider.

3.7. Agency is not responsible for costs (cancellation or change of flight time, place of destination) caused by natural disasters, hostilities, strikes or other similar circumstances (including bankruptcy of the Service provider), those are out of the Agency’s control. The Agency has to meet Rules and Conditions of the Service Provider, describing actions in case of force majeure.

3.8. Agency is not responsible for damage incurred by the Customer in case when the Passenger does not use the ticket purchased on his own. Personal circumstances, illness, non-compliance of documents are the responsibility of the Customer.

3.9. Agency cannot be considered as the responsible party, if for technical reasons or because of temporary system failures Customer cannot make the booking (to complete the booking process) or otherwise confirm the booking of the Ticket. The Agency is obliged to exert maximum effort to solve problems within the shortest possible time.

4. Payments

4.1. The Agency and the Service provider are not able to issue Tickets, booking confirmations, vouchers and other travel documents, until the Customer has not paid the total amount of the service.

4.2. Payment for the service is to be collected during the booking confirmation. Travel documents are to be issued only after payment to the current account of the Agency. Bookings which are not paid within stipulated period of time are automatically cancelled. If reservation should be paid on weekends, holidays or end of working day, Customer has to send the payment confirmation stamped by the bank to the Agency on fax number (+371) 67228337 or by e-mail!

4.3. Within 24 hours after successful payment receipt, the Agency has to send e-tickets to the Customer by e-mail. The Customer is obliged to make sure that payment was successful. If the Customer has not got e-tickets within 24 hours, the Customer must to inform the Agency about it.

4.4. All prices for air tickets of the Agency include: ticket price, airport fees and commission of the Agency at amount of 9 EUR. When the Customer pays for flight of the low-cost airlines (Ryanair, Wizzair, Easy Jet, Norwegian etc.) there can be withdrawn two amounts: ticket price and airport fees, which are going to the current account of the airline and service fee, which is going to the account of the Agency “Baltic Travel Group” Ltd.

4.5. Kinds of payment: – Online payment by debit or credit card (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, MasterCard), – Bank transfer through internet-bank or cash payments in the nearest branch office of the bank. When paying the booking by the bank transfer there should be taken into account the working hours of the bank and required time for money transfer. Ticket is to be issued only after payment receipt to the Agency’s account. If the payment must be transferred shortly, the Customer has to send the payment confirmation stamped by the bank to the following address: or by fax (+371) 67228337 and contact the Agency to confirm its receipt. If the date of payment is the same as the current day, the approved and stamped payment order must be sent before end of banking day, i.e. before 5 p.m. In case of emergency outside the working hours of the Agency, our customers have the possibility to get round-the-clock assistance by phone + 371 26 623 322.
– cash or card payment in the office: “Baltic Travel Group” Ltd., Kr. Barona str., 13/15, from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. on working days.

5. Ticket changes, ticket cancellation.

5.1. Rules of exchange or cancellation are set for each air ticket individually and they are stipulated by the airline – the direct Service provider. During the ticket booking the Customer has the possibility to read these rules. When buying a ticket, the buyer confirms that he got acquainted with the conditions of purchase. When booking or cancelling the ticket at the buyer’s request, the Agency operates in accordance with the terms of the ticket sale. In case of ticket cancellation, the service charge of ticket purchase is not refundable.

5.2. If by the time of purchase there are any not clear details of purchase rules or cancellation of ticket, we recommend you to contact our consultants by e-mail: or by phone: +371 67 228 428.

5.3. If the buyer wants to make changes in his future flight or cancel the flight, please, contact the Agency by e-mail

5.4. Money refund to the Customer can be ensured only after it was confirmed to the Agency by the Service provider. The Customer can get the money only if the Agency has received the amount from the Service provider.

5.5. Changes and cancellation of the order can be made by the Agency only within working day. In those cases when the Customer asks to make changes in the order (tickets cancellation, order cancellation, change of information regarding passengers etc.), the Agency keeps the right to collect service fee at amount of 20 EUR except for the cost of the Service provider. Change or cancellation of the ticket date depends on Conditions of the ticket sale of the Service provider. In cases when there are used several conditions of ticket pricing (for each phase of flight), there are applied the most precise ones.

6. How to make a booking.
To buy air tickets, please provide the following information:
Air ticket – please specify whether you want to fly in one direction or there and back again.

From – select the departure city: Vilnius, Riga or any other city.

To – select the destination city. In English, please.

Date of Departure/Arrival – select date of departure and arrival when booking the tickets. The calendar is available for your convenience.

Passengers – point out the number and age of passengers. Children under 2 years travel without their own seat.

Air tickets search can be filtered by price, airline, number of transfers and cities, time of departure or arrival, even by duration of a break between flights.